Friday, June 30, 2006

The flame of woodgas stove in the darkness Posted by Picasa


kranti said...

resp.sir, my ngo krantimandal'in mahrashtra in akola distiric run bpl group shg scheme run sussefully in village so interrested in goodstove, lowcost wood gas stove prepeeare in people so pls dedials information in project thanks!

Kelly G Rogers said...

I bought one of these from . I installed and it works fine. Heats my 2000 square foot house. I have the pump connected to a UPS but I am not sure how long the pump will run if the electric goes out. I had it installed all winter and did not have to turn on my Electric heat once which saved me about 200 euro a month here in Romania.

The Electric is not stable here so I had to rush to take out the fire a couple of times because the water pump had stopped and the pressure valves were going off. The UPS will solve that but I don't know how long a UPS will keep my central pump going. I will attach a pic of what chimney heaters are in case you are not familiar with them. The pump is a Grundfos and has three speeds.