Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Low-cost Wood-gas (Gasifier) stove - BEST STOVE

Low-cost portable Wood-gas (Gasifier) stove - BEST STOVE

A low-cost portable Wood-gas stove has been developed based on the Garlington’s portable gasifier model. It is top-lit and the draft is upwards. A small tin can of 3.5 inches diameter and 5 inches height is used for making the Wood-gas stove. For grate an aluminum wire is used at the bottom (even iron wire or nails can be used). Primary and secondary air slits are punctured into the tin to make the stove. A tin sheet or bricks or mud and stones can be used for the skirt and fire place.

For fuel one inch length small pencil size sticks (pruned twigs) or shavings and chips of wood from a carpenter’s workshop can be used. This stove burns for about 8 minutes with the wood-gas generated and later on the resultant charcoal burns for next 5 to 8 minutes giving sufficient heat for boiling one liter of milk or one person can take bath with the boiled water.

Price : Rupees. 2/- (Rupees two only)
Time for making it : 20 to 30 minutes
Efficiency : Highly efficient as compared to rocket stove.

After the success of this model, I have designed a clay version of the same. These are made up of clay+ sand (quartz / silica) + cowdung + ash, each one costing only Rs. 10/- or 0.25 USD.

This stove has the following advantages:
Requires only small wood pieces – saves trees
Batch feeding – lit and forget
Low cost any one can make it and use
Light weight - highly portable

Note: Preferably should be used in good ventilation conditions.


Pal said...

I am very impressed by this effort. This is mighty eco friendly exercise which needs to be commercially marketed in rural areas. I am a bit worried about the particulate waste which this device should be able to handle without getting into wrong places.

Steve said...

What are the sticks showing at the bottom of both the clay and the tin can stoves?

Biomass said...

Wel done your work , we appreciate your open minded project development

pannirbr@gmail.com , Brazil

Jimmy said...

are there any websites that show you how to make one of these stoves?

Marcus Aribus said...

Very clever sir, this stove will be a boon to many people as well as a boon to the planet. Good work.

Raju said...

Dear friend,Thank you very much for "Low cost wood gas stove made by mud." To day food grain is available but for cooking fuel is not.I will call this "Gandhi stove".
I am doing no till natural farming in Hoshangabad. M.P.Intersted in domestic wood electric generator.I am growing lot of Subabul a Australian
Raju Titus
Natural farmer of India

DNinWI said...

To jimmy:
The drawing and photos on
are pretty clear. The "skirt" in the drawing appears to be a "partial cylinder" of sufficient weight/strength to support the cooking pan. The smaller can inside the skirt is the coffee-can stove.

To steve:
I at first wondered about the "sticks" at the bottom of the coffee can in one of the photos, and thought they might be "tubes" to supply primary air. However, I believe they are merely "scrap" wire interlaced through holes in the bottom to form the "grate" to support the fuel (as the drawing notes).

John said...

Interested in Gasification stoves. Can we use bigger firewood in the stove, say 2 to 4 inches diameter and longer lengths.

Martin said...

Excellent Idea!
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katty said...

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